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Newspapers: Current Newspapers

A guide to finding current and historical newspapers.

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New York Times

Library Services is pleased to offer all Springfield College students, faculty, and staff full access to!

We encourage you to take advantage of this new college-wide subscription to The New York Times to enrich your educational experience. covers a variety of topics through breaking news articles, blogs, videos and interactive features. You will be able to share content on social networks, save articles of interest, subscribe to email newsletters and set up personalized alerts. Your access to is available from any location, on or off campus. 

 To create your account: 

  • First, visit this one-time registration link. You must register using your Springfield College email address.

  • Use your new Springfield College account to log in at and the free NYTimes app.

  • That's it! You now have access to unlimited articles from The New York Times.

What if I already have a personal subscription? If your individual subscription to The New York Times is connected to your Springfield College email address, you will need to cancel that subscription before activating your access using the registration link above. If your current subscription is tied to your personal email, you can create an additional account using your Springfield College email address and decide whether or not to cancel your personal subscription.

What does my account offer?

  • Full access to the Times' online archive dating back to 1851
  • NYT app for your mobile devices
  • Interactive media, including graphics, charts, maps, and polls
  • Video library spanning all sections of the Times
  • Podcasts such as the popular "The Daily," as well as many others
  • Newsletters on a variety of topics of interest
  • Options to save your article history and join the conversation by commenting

New York Times InEducation


The Times' inEducation website is designed by faculty, for faculty. This educator-focused resource includes discussion prompts, learning outcomes, instructional strategies, and co-curricular activities in 16 discipline-specific areas of study.

Explore the wealth of educational content available in your discipline by creating an inEducation account today! Register with your Springfield College email address at the link below. 

Newspapers & Current Newspaper Databases

Library Services provides access to a variety of databases that include newspaper articles.

Does the Library Have this Newspaper?

Want to know if Library Services has a subscription to a particular newspaper? Search for it here!


Finding Other Newspapers

Looking for a different newspaper? Maybe even one in another state or country? These links provide access to numerous newspapers, free of charge.