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Information Literacy Lessons & Activities

How to use this guide

1. Choose the appropriate tab.

2. Find lessons and exercises.

3. Download lessons and exercises.

4. Use the resources in your teaching.

5. Have questions? Ask a librarian!

You may also opt to have a librarian speak to your class in place of (or in addition to!) some activities.  We will work with you to cover the content you feel most benefits your students.

Information Literacy?

Information literacy is a crucial part of the General Education curriculum at Springfield College. It describes an individual's ability to identify the need for, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information in an ethical manner. Visit the ACRL website for more information.


What will these resources help students learn?

This guide offers exercises and lessons designed with and for faculty to help students:

  1. Create a research question
  2. Develop keywords
  3. Use the library website
  4. Find articles
  5. Understand search engines
  6. Find or request full text articles
  7. Evaluate sources
  8. Organize information logically
  9. Avoid plagiarism
  10. Cite sources correctly